• I want to spell a name that is longer than 10 letters. Do you have a frame for me?

    At this time we have the wallet frame in sizes up to 10 letters and the snap shot frame in sizes up to 9 letters.  The largest tile holder fits 12 tiles.  If your name is longer, you can buy the photos and have them matted and framed at a local frame shop.

  • I want to spell a 3 letter name, do you have a frame for me?

    We only have mats for names/words 4 letters or longer.  However, many people add hearts, stars, or blanks for personal photos at the beginning and end of a short name or word.

  • Do the mats come in other colors?

    We only have black and tan, but you can email us with special requests.  Sometimes we are able to get customer mat colors, there is an additional fee for $15.  It takes a minimum of 2-weeks to obtain customer mats.

  • Where are the photos taken?

    Everywhere!  Once you start to take photos of letters, you start to “see” letters everywhere.  Many of the photos are taken in Ohio and Chicago, however you’ll see the London Eye and a popular Paris tourist attraction.  I look forward to adding more photos from various locations.

  • What are the sizes of the frames and the photos within the frames?


    Snap Shot Size Photo Frames (Letter Art and Kids Frames)

    4 – 6 letter word/names come in a frame which measures 24” x 8 1/2”

    7 – 9 letter name/words come in a  frame which measures 36” x 8 1/2”


    Wallet Size Photo Frames (Letter Art and Kids Frames)

    4 – 6 letter word/names come in a frame which measures 20” x 7 1/2”

    7 – 10 letter name/words come in a  frame which measures 30” x 7 1/2”


    Sports Frames (Word Art)

    8" x 20" or 8" x 24" depending on number of letters in the frame


    Sports Frames (Pub Sign / Locker Room / Stadium)

    Total size 16" x 24", print size 11" x 14"

  • Can I get the photos in color?

    We offer our traditional line (Letter Art) in black and white or sepia.  We offer our kids line (Kids Frames) in full color!!

  • How are the items shipped?

    We ship via the US Postal Service. Allow two weeks for standard delivery.

    Expedited shipping is available for for an additional fee. Expedited orders are shipped Priority Mail via the US Postal Service. They say this is 2-3 days, but it is an approximate timeline. Expedited orders will have a confirmation code you can track.

    If you need your item even faster, place the order, select expedited service and email us right away with your specific needs. We'll find a way to make it happen.




  • Do you accept returns?

    Each item is custom made to your specifications, as such, we are not able to accept returns.  However, if your product is damaged, contact us at tracy@photographyletterart.com and we will work with you to get the situation resolved immediately.  We want you to be happy with the item you created.






















































































































































































































  • Do you have gift cards?

    Yes!  It is a great way to give someone a gift quickly AND give them the gift of choice.

  • What size are the tiles?

    The tiles measure 2 inches by 3 inches.  Think giant scrabble pieces.  So fun!

  • Can I spell a name in the photos from the Sports Frame word art? Example: Can I spell my last name in photos from my college campus?

    Unfortunately not. These are licensed and cannot be edited in any way.